Add a New Page

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Your site comes preloaded with a number of blank pages ready for you to add to.

You may wish to add other pages to your site (you can add as many pages as you would like).

To add a new page click on Pages, then New Page, or new page at the top,  (see below, indicated by the red arrow).

The top field is the page title, then you add your page contact in to the main field.
On the right you will see a Blue Publish button, click on that to save and publish the page to your site, or click on Save Draft, if you do not wish to Publish the page yet.

Under page Attributes on the right, you can select where the page will display in the menu, put a number in the order field for it to display as that number button, or if you would like it to display under another button instead of being to top level button, select the page you would like it under from the dropdown menu of the Parent field.

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