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If you need to add payment buttons to items on your site, please contact Mark ( to get this feature turned on in your site, you will need a PayPal account to receive payments.

Below are the details for adding payment buttons for the standard PayPal Plug-in, (once it has been activated on your site).
If you need to be able to add more than just a few items for sale (lets say 10) you may need a complete Ecommerce plug-in added, let Mark know, so the best solution can be installed.

Adding PayPal add to cart buttons.

Copy the code below in the grey box, paste the code into the page you would like to add a PayPal add to cart button, replace the text Test Product with your Item name, then replace the 29.95 with your Item price, this creates the button.
Add the item details, price and any photos you would like to show above the button code.

Repeat the process for each item you would like added to the page.

If you wish to add shipping to each item you can use this shortcode instead of the one above.

You can also add a variation such as size by adding this code.

Size :

The code below displays the shopping cart, this can be placed anywhere on the page.

Remember to click on the Blue Update button on the right when you are finished, to save the page.


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