Add a Photo to a Page

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With your page open in edit, add your curser in the main field where you would like the photo then click on the Add Media button (see below) this will open the Media Gallery, click on a photo to select, or click on the upload tab to upload a new photo

Select your photo, it will show a blue tick on it, then hit the Insert into page button (see below).
That’s it, the photo is now on the page, you can add any number of photos to a page, if you select multiple photos at a time they will all add at once.
Remember to save the page (update) when you are finished.
Do not delete the photos from your Media Gallery unless you no longer need them on your site.
If a photo did not upload check the file name does not have an apostrophe in the file name, if it does rename it to remove theĀ  apostrophe.

If you have not yet uploaded the photo you wish to add, you can upload it here:

Your photo will be uploaded in a number of sizes, you can choose the size you would like for your page by selecting the size at the bottom right of the screen.


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